A piece of Latvian art in every corner of the world

Even if the Golden Era of advertising has come to pass, its remnants are here to stay. Furthermore, with Kaltene we wanted to not only bring them to life but also give everyone an everyday reminder of Latvia, or the beautiful place sometimes known as the homeland.

A memento from the homeland

When living abroad in some distant country, every now and then you might get reminded of Latvia and the days you had spent there. These memories might come from all sorts of things - whether it would be hearing someone speaking in Latvian on the street, finding Latvian beer in a local shop or receiving a gift from relatives containing Laima chocolates and rye-bread. All of these things can bring that feeling of nostalgia but it can only be momentary. The person will disappear around the corner, the beer you might not buy and the chocolates and bread you’ll consume feverishly just to enjoy that taste of Latvia. 

The Oldest Flag / Historical Collection

No matter where you currently are

During the existence of Kaltene, we have managed to ship these works of art all around the world. Starting with such countries in Europe as Germany, Spain, Italy and Sweden all the way to the other side of the globe, to Canada, USA and Australia. Just as Latvians can be found all around the world our aim is to get these little reminders of Latvia to each and every country where a Latvian can be found living.

Latvia may not be the best car manufacturer or the biggest tech giant but we sure know what culture and art mean. That’s why it is important to show the whole world what we are capable of!

A community of art enthusiasts

Even when living on different sides of the globe, we’re all connected. We share interests and we all ache to be a part of something bigger. Being a Latvian is something major that connects us but being a Latvian art enthusiast might be something that keeps us in touch with one another.

We encourage you to talk to one another about your favourite Latvian artists and their best works as we do need to keep the history alive so that the time does not forget about it.

And for those of you who feel like you could join such a community, we offer a 20% discount for every order. The offer is available until the 18th of August and can be applied by using the code GLOBALCOMMUNITY when purchasing a poster from kaltene.com.

 Seaside Treats / Advertising Collection

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