The Golden Age of Advertising

Add a little touch to your home or office interior with a fresh piece of our old school graphic design posters

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History and Heritage

The wonders of technology and industrial design meet in our newest historical advertising poster collection

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Kaltene brings together a love for Latvian history and an appreciation of stunning design

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There's history on these walls

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Latvian design heritage

Bringing together a passion for history and design, we've hand-picked unique graphic poster designs from the archives of the National Library of Latvia for a second life on your wall.  

We invite everyone to celebrate Latvian design with a beautifully crafted, restored piece of history.

These vintage posters are a monumental reminder of the Golden Age of Latvian graphic design. The artists meticulously handcrafted each design and we took that same attention to detail by carefully retouching the wears, tears, and folds before printing them on high-quality paper.

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